Changing College Major | 3 Pros and Cons


As some of you may know, or probably not, I wasn’t really sure of what I wanted to do after I graduated high school. At first I wanted to go to law school but my grades weren’t high enough to pursue this desire of mine, so I had to choose something else.

I ended up choosing a major that wasn’t really something I wanted to pursue as a career, therefore I ended up dropping college as soon as I finished the first semester.
So, if you’re like me, and you are stuck between a sword and a wall, here are a few pros and cons of changing college major.



PROS     vs    CONS
 ♦  You will actually do something that you like, so your grades will improve;
♦  You can use that period of time before college starts again, to take time for yourself, get a job, go on an vacation, just take care of yourself in all matters or forms;
♦  It’s better to drop out as soon as you know you don’t want to pursue that career path, than when you have graduated  because then you have wasted 3 or 4 years of your lifetime;
♦  You will be a year behind;
♦  All the money you spent on that year for school supplies, textbooks, rent, tuition will be wasted;
♦  If you take a gap year,  you might not want to get back to school and actually drop college completely.
I dropped out of the college myself, and I’ll be starting a new semester later this year, and I know I’ll enjoy it way more than the previous because I’ll doing something that I love.
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